Baby Blanket Pattern Collection: e-book release!

The  year of Baby Blankets is coming to the end (see this blog post for explanation), and I decided to put my baby blanket patterns into one e-book. This is the first time I am doing this, so I had to learn that e-book is basically one big PDF file with several individual files put together.

So, here it is - my fist e-book of patterns with very original and unique (hee-hee) title: 

Baby Blanket Pattern Collection

As you can see I put together  Reversible Lace Blanket, Forever Diamond Blanket, Buzzy Bee Blanket and Amy Baby Blanket. I also added patterns for matching hats with Buzzy Bee and Amy Baby blankets.  

Here is content page:

This  e-book has 12 pages

Every pattern in this collection is charted AND written in words. 

Sold individually, these 4 patterns are worth $14.00 through Raverly.com

I am offering this e-book for $10.00

But that is not all! To say thank you to the readers of my blog (YOU!), 

I am offering a 20% discount off the price of this e-book.
Just use the code THANKYOU20 at the checkout to get $2.00 off!

So -  you can get patterns for all 4 blankets and 2 hats for $8.00 in one file.

By the way - you don't need to have a PayPal or Ravelry account to purchase the e-book,  you can use your credit/debit card, like in any other on-line transaction.

Thank you for reading my blog!
Happy knitting and Happy New Year!


Fresh off my needles: Wiggles Cardigan

Shawls are great, but sometime you need to make a sweater... That is what I have been doing for last few days  - working on a sweater for my daughter. 

The sweater is actually a cardigan,  the yarn is TLC Wiggles. This kind of yarn does not require complicated pattern - it is rather festive and girly by itself. 

Well, I could not help myself and did add a little pattern: do you see the trees?
Yeah, I am not sure that it was worth the hassle :). 

Happy Knitting everyone and stay warm  - it is cold out there!


Shawls in Fingering Weight

When someone asks me about my knitting, I usually say that I am a lace knitter (which is only partly true, as I am actually an equal opportunity knitter at heart. It's just so happened that lately I am big into knitting lace.)

In many cases the response I get goes something like that: "Oh, it is way too difficult, knitting on those teeny needles!"

I think there is a huge misconception out there that knitting lace means working only with a skinny yarn and teeny-tiny needles. Nah! If that fear of skinny yarns stops you from trying to knit a lace shawl - let me show you something. 

Here are 3 shawls that I knitted this October. 

All three of them are made with size US6 needles (4.5 mm). 
Yarn: Ella Rae Merino lace (100 g/ 460 yard - which is actually a fingering weight). Each shawl took only one skein.  
Patterns are free on Raverly.com.

 The shawls look awesome: lacey, elegant, pretty!

 Ashton Shawlette by Dee

 Budding Shawlette by Joyce Yu

I hope you are inspired to try the lace now. 
And leave me a comment if you have the same misconception about the lace - I am curious to know what you think!

Happy knitting!


Estonian Lace: Waterlily pattern

Waterlily is one of the traditional Estonian Lace patterns, in my opinion - one of the most exquisite.
It comes from Haapsalu region of Estonia where traditionally waterlily pattern would be used for lace shawls.  What I did not realize until recently is that there are at least three versions of this pattern, or possibly more.
I learnt about it from the blog by Liina and Olga: http://newlace.blogspot.com/. There, you can find charts for each of the waterlily pattern below.

Single waterlily

Double waterlily 1

Double waterlily 2

These motifs can further be combined for an "overall" pattern. Here is a single waterlily pattern with addition of nupps:

Here is a double waterlily 1 on one of my shawls:

At a first glance, waterlily pattern looks very sophisticated and difficult to knit. No, not really. It is pretty straight forward. There are however couple of tricky stitches, so be aware:

One of them right there in the middle of the lily, where one petal goes into three:

k3tog7: knit 3 stitches together and increase of them 7 stitches - knit stitches alternatively with yarn over

Another is worked several times throughout the pattern:
k4tog: knit 4 stitches together knitwise

So, get someone to help you  (if needed) and try it - the result is truly stunning.

Hope that helped!
Happy Knitting!


Acadia - place I want to go back to...

Last week we took kids to Acadia National Park.
This is such a beautiful  and tranquil place - I have to share some pictures with you.
The pictures were taken by our 16-year-old, he has an eye for this, I think...

Back to knitting though: now I am thinking about making this shawl  by Melisa McCurley with an appropriate name:
Acadian Shawl

Happy Knitting everyone!


New Pattern: Amy Baby Blanket and Hat

Introducing a new pattern: Amy Baby Blanket and Hat! 
This is a second installment of my year of babies and baby blankets series (see this quick post about it). 

Amy Baby Blanket and Hat. 

The blanket has a very attractive and elegant lacy pattern. The hat in mostly done in garter stitch with a lacy band.
This blanket will look very cute in any color and will make a great present for a baby boy or baby girl. 

It was originally made by me for Amy and her little boy who we still waiting to meet. The pattern has been tested and proofed by, and on Raverly (thank you ladies!!!). Check out their versions of this blanket here, here and here

Yarn: Fingering yarn, 200 g.
The sample is done in 2‐ply Afghan Yarn by Herrschners (2 oz/56 g/220 yards/201 m; 4 skeins)
Needles: US 3 (3.25 mm), tapestry needle
Gauge: 20 sts x 16 rows = 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10 cm)

Finished sizes
Blanket: 30 x 31 inches
Hat: 6 months

Blanket has a garter border around lacy center.
The hat is worked flat then sewn.

 I offer this pattern as a pdf download. 
It is charted and written out in words.
Your cost: $4.00 via PayPal

You don't need to have a PayPal or Ravelry account to purchase the pattern - you can use your credit/debit card. 

Thank you for your interest and Happy Knitting as always!


Playing with cotton yarn; trying to beat heat wave

It is 89 F (32C) right now with 69% humidity. Just the idea of knitting with wool makes me hot, so I have been playing with cotton yarn instead.
I usually don't buy thick cotton yarn. However, about a month ago when I was cleaning my yarn closet, I found a sweater made out of "Cookies and Cream" yarn. The sweater was given to me "to do something with", so I took it apart and recycled yarn into

a) Set of coasters. I crocheted 4 smaller (glass size) coasters and one a little bigger (pitcher size). Love the result! The coasters are thick and flat. They are also cotton and very easily absorb any condensation off the cold glass.

b) Scrubbies. I use these circular things to wash dishes. Confession: I do not like sponges. No matter what I do they start to stink after 2 days and I can't get the stink out of them. Scrubbies are made out of cotton,  machine washable, I change them every couple days thus they don't have a chance to stink up. Additional plus - save money on sponges (!!) and recycle or use up leftover some yarn (!!!).

 Hope the heat wave will be over soon... Stay cool and Happy Knitting (even in this weather!).



Happy July Sale!

Happy July!
I hope you are having a nice weather, because we here in New England are not having such luck!! It has being raining practically every other day since April. Last week we had such a downpour that the pavement on our street was washed out. The street is passable, but new sinkholes seemed to appear every day...

Anyway - enough complaining. Rain is very conducive to knitting, right? So, to encourage you to knit too as I have been doing for last months, I am having a 20% off sale on all my individual All Knitted Lace patterns.

Use the code THANKYOU20 when checking out through Ravelry.  (if the link does not work cut and paste this one into your browser http://www.ravelry.com/redeem/all-knitted-lace?code=THANKYOU20 ).

This promotion is open until July 31. Get those needle out and enjoy!
Happy Knitting!


Pattern Release: Forever Diamonds Baby Blanket

A story of this blanket is a simple one: my friend is about to have a baby. 

It is her first baby, and the path to get here (to 7th month of pregnancy) was difficult for my friend. Without details - it was at least 5+ year-process, filled with lots of hope and several disappointments. But... all is behind and she is counting down days now :).

In the design of this blanket I wanted to capture how precious this baby is for my friend and her family, so I used pattern with moss-stitch bordered diamonds. 

Simple but timeless, this blanket has a very elegant feel to it. No fancy techniques - if you can knit and purl - you can do it! The bonus feature: it is reversible.


 Forever Diamonds Baby Blanket


Yarn: DK weight yarn, 250 g
The sample was done in Ketzer Angel Baby (55% nylon, 45% acrylic, 50 g/185 yards, 5 skeins).
Tools: needles, US 3 (3.25 mm)
Finished size: Approx. 34”x 34” (85 x 85 cm)
Gauge: 24 st x 32 rows = 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm)

  • The blanket has moss stitch borders that flank the diamond pattern used for the main body of the blanket.
  • Choose yarn with a good stitch definition to show off the elegant diamond pattern. Fuzzy or boucle yarns will not be appropriate for this design.
  • Blanket can be made bigger or smaller by adjusting the number of diamond pattern repeats. Same pattern can be used for afghans, scarves, stoles or bedspreads.
Pattern is Charted and Written in words
I am offering this pattern as an instant PDF download through Raverly (PayPal)  for $4.00 (US).

You don't need to have a PayPal or Ravelry account to purchase the pattern - you can use your credit/debit card. 

Happy Knitting! 


A year of Babies (and baby blankets)

It seem like people around me are having babies this year: I have been to 2 baby showers already and anticipating  to be invited to 2 or 3 more before the year end.
And I am loving it! Would you like to know why?
It gives me an excuse to make those teeny-tiny baby items that are OH SO CUTE!
It also gives me a chance to design a present that would reflect baby mother's personality and likes.
So, let me share with you:

Darlene's Baby Blanket.
Darlene is passionate dancer and aerobics instructor and she is about to have a baby girl.
Her baby present had a blanket with an elegant and reversible moss-stitch diamond pattern and baby ballet slippers:

If you are interested in blanket pattern - stay tuned, I will be releasing it next week as a "Forever Diamonds Baby Blanket Pattern", the pattern for slippers is free here, courtesy of Saartje.

Amy's Baby Blanket.
Amy is a very intellectual and sophisticated Long Islander who was re-planted in VT. She appreciates finer things.  
The blanket for her baby boy  was done in a mint-green color and has a very intricate pattern all over. I made a matching hat to go with the present.

The next one is Gina and her second baby - oh! I am already planning for that one!

Happy Knitting everyone!


For the love of learning

I love learning new things.
I do - never get tired of that, especially if we are talking knitting, crocheting, yarn or frankly any kind of craft.
I don't have much time though in my life to spare for taking classes (weekdays are devoted to work, weekend - home and family)
So, when Craftsy.com started to offer craft related courses on-line I was very excited. I have already taken
Online Knitting Class with Edie Eckman on "How to say it: Pattern Writing for Knitters"
My next one (later this summer) will be the design class with Shirly Paden:

Handknit Garment Design with Shirley Paden

But for now I am going to take a couple of free Craftsy mini-courses
1. Know your wool ( I do have a few mystery yarns...)
2. Short Rows
Craftsy has a a whole selection of free classes on other topics as well . They are mini-courses (shorter).
 You can get the full list by clicking here.

Happy knitting!


A reminder why I love lace

Life is still busy, but hopefully it will slowdown in a couple weeks after the semester is over (teaching is what I do when I do not knit lace). 
Then I will be able to share with you my recent projects and ides. 
For know, however - here is a recent photo shoot: my Quatrefoil Lace Scarf was recently photographed for KnitPicks website. 
The model looks so lovely, and the scarf looks so ethereal - I just had so share it with you!

 Happy Knitting everyone!


New Pattern: Cable Sweater and Hat Set for 18" doll

Do you still play with dolls? 
I do... I have to - I have a daughter who is 6 this year! Guess what she got for her 6th birthday? An American Girl doll.  
After playing with the doll for about an hour my daughter came to me and said: "Mommy, she needs more clothes!" 
And the first set that our doll got is a PINK Sweater and Hat set.

Here it is : Sweater and Hat Set for American Doll (or other 18" doll)

The sweater is a cross between sweater and poncho; it is knitted top down in one flat piece and then sewn together. Hat is worked flat as well. Do you like it? You can make one for your girl -
I am offering  a pattern as an instant PDF download

Materials and pattern notes
Size: fits 18” doll
Yarn: fingering weight yarn (~200 yards/50g), 1 skein
Needles: US 3 (3.25 mm), straight or circular
Notes: the sweater is knitted from collar down as one flat piece. You will have to sew one seem at the end to finish it. Hat is knitted flat as well.
Pattern is written out row by row in words
Price: $5.00 via PayPal
Download will come from Raverly.com 

Thank you for your interest and as always -
Happy Knitting!


Knitting Daily Calendar: One FREE pattern a day

Today I would like to tell you about my new project: Knitting Daily Calendar in a blog format.

The idea came when I was browsing for gifts right before Christmas in a local big bookstore. There were lots of different calendars .

One of them - Daily Desk Calendar, the kind that has 1 pattern for each of 365 days of the year.

So I thought - would not that be nice to have something similar, but in an electronic form?

One Free Pattern delivered to you every day in your blog reader, or RSS feed or e-mail. Just a picture, a little description and link to a pattern.

So - here it is: a Free Knitting Calendar
The patterns are ALWAYS free, they are available on the Web but sometimes are forgotten or not discovered yet.

By clicking the link on a pattern blog post you will be re-directed to a site where the pattern came from.

I'll tell you a secret: I have pre-loaded that blog for a year ahead, to be posted Monday through Friday.

At this point I honestly do not remember the sequence of the patterns - so for last 2 weeks it was fun to re-discover them one at a time. 

Let me know if you like this idea and as always - 
Happy Knitting!


Finished Objects: Dunes and Waves from my readers

I have to confess:  nothing makes me more happy than seeing my design knitted by you, my readers. 
Today I would like to share three different Dune and Waves Shawls masterfully created by Vicki, Jenny and Anita.
Let's start with a very special one: Vicki made it for Deb, to wear as a wedding wrap - wow! What a sweet thing to do! Look at the quality of Vicki's knitting - it makes the intricacy of twisted stitches really stand out:

Do you like another  Dunes and Waves in white?
Here is one from Jenny. Thank you for a nice pattern review, Jenny!

And how about Dunes and Waves in greenish hue from Anita? She called it a Safari Scarf (she blogs about African adventure here).

Thank you all for choosing my patterns for your knitting projects- I really appreciate it and absolutely love seeing your creations.

Do you have a picture of FO made with one of my patterns? Email me (my e-mail is on the pattern!) - 
I would love to include it in my next month's Finished Objects post!

Happy Knitting everyone!