How to make a NUPP

Nupp stitch (or a little bobble) is a traditional element of Estonian Lace knitting. Nupps add a depth to a otherwise ethereal knitting and provide a little extra warmth. :)
Nupp might look a little scary if you have never tried it; but once you make a couple, it is no more difficult than p3tog or anything similar.
Here I used nupps in one of my latest shawls:

Try it, when you have a little time. Here is a video by Knitting Daily, where Nancy Bush, the author of "Knitted Lace of Estonia" shows how she makes it.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Winner! November giveaway

As I promised here, I am announcing a winner of November giveaway (Dunes and Waves pattern and a skein of Drops Lace yarn). Thank you all so much for kind words about my work and designs!

So, here is the moment.
The winner is 

My selection process was very much random  - my 6-year-old "randomizer" was a big help. 
 Here how process worked:

We had so much fun with this giveaway! I will definitely  do it again soon, stay tuned.


November Giveaway

Here, in New England, the foliage is done, evenings are cold and a wonderful smell of woodsmoke is in the air.
It is definitely a perfect time to start a new knitting project, isn't it?

How about a lacy shawl?

So, in a spirit of an upcoming  Holiday Season I am giving away a small present to one of my blog readers:

My pattern for Dunes and Waves shawl and a skein of  DROPS LACE in Ice Blue (30% silk, 70% wool)

To register for this Giveaway, please go to this blog post's comment section and leave a comment.
I will randomly choose a winner and make an announcement on Black Friday, November 23, 2012.

I really hope to send this little gift to you!

Happy Knitting!
Natalia Blank