I have been working on new patterns

Here is one:
This shawl does not have an official name yet, even though I have knitted it 5 times already working out the design and quirks in the pattern.
This is somewhat less-usual design, because the shawl does not have a "spine" (central stitch that runs down the back). It has a lace back panel. The increases happen around the panel.

It also has a unique almost collar-like band that goes around your neck and down the sides of the shawl. Why is it unique? NO SEWING! NO GRAFTING! The shawl is knitted as one piece!

Stay tuned: the pattern will come out in early January 2012.
Happy knitting everyone!



It has been while since I posted the last time  (my, my  - it seems like I start every post with this phrase). We, people in academic world, measure our time by quarters or semesters. So, another semester is done, students are on vacation, and I am back to posting.
Even though I was absent from the Blogger, I have been knitting. A lot. Here I want to show you one of the custom projects I did for my Etsy store customer: Taygete shawl by Rosemary (Romi) Hill.
The yarn was a very nice Shetland tweed.
I absolutely love the pattern: well written, beautifully illustrated, clear and straight forward.
The shawl came out VERY nicely, slightly over-sized and drapes beautifully.
More projects are coming. 
Happy Knitting Everyone!