Amy Pond and Doctor Who Or Why Did I Make a Red Scarf with Frost Flowers Pattern

Are you into "Doctor Who"? 
Doctor.... WHO? - this is exactly what I said when I was reading an e-mail sent through my Etsy store.
The e-mail was from a girl who was wondering  if I can make her a reproduction of a red scarf that was worn by Amy Pond in the episode "Vincent and the Doctor". She was looking for a piece to add to her costume for Doctor Who convention...
I am not into British TV series, but a reproduction of a knitted lace scarf sounded like a challenge! The girl sent me a couple links to pictures and after a bit of a research on an Internet and couple of e-mails we established  that the pattern on a scarf was "Frost Flowers"!
Oh! I love that pattern!
It looks so elaborate and complicated, but let me tell you - once you worked with it, you quickly realize that it is not difficult. It is real knitted lace, the YOs are on both sides, but really, it NOT a difficult pattern!!!

So, let me show you the result:

 And here is the picture that I was working from:

Here is a little bit of a detail on my version:

 Do you want to try Frost Flowers yourself? 
(The written instructions can be found there too)

Happy Knitting Everyone!