Baby Blanket Pattern Collection: e-book release!

The  year of Baby Blankets is coming to the end (see this blog post for explanation), and I decided to put my baby blanket patterns into one e-book. This is the first time I am doing this, so I had to learn that e-book is basically one big PDF file with several individual files put together.

So, here it is - my fist e-book of patterns with very original and unique (hee-hee) title: 

Baby Blanket Pattern Collection

As you can see I put together  Reversible Lace Blanket, Forever Diamond Blanket, Buzzy Bee Blanket and Amy Baby Blanket. I also added patterns for matching hats with Buzzy Bee and Amy Baby blankets.  

Here is content page:

This  e-book has 12 pages

Every pattern in this collection is charted AND written in words. 

Sold individually, these 4 patterns are worth $14.00 through Raverly.com

I am offering this e-book for $10.00

But that is not all! To say thank you to the readers of my blog (YOU!), 

I am offering a 20% discount off the price of this e-book.
Just use the code THANKYOU20 at the checkout to get $2.00 off!

So -  you can get patterns for all 4 blankets and 2 hats for $8.00 in one file.

By the way - you don't need to have a PayPal or Ravelry account to purchase the e-book,  you can use your credit/debit card, like in any other on-line transaction.

Thank you for reading my blog!
Happy knitting and Happy New Year!


Fresh off my needles: Wiggles Cardigan

Shawls are great, but sometime you need to make a sweater... That is what I have been doing for last few days  - working on a sweater for my daughter. 

The sweater is actually a cardigan,  the yarn is TLC Wiggles. This kind of yarn does not require complicated pattern - it is rather festive and girly by itself. 

Well, I could not help myself and did add a little pattern: do you see the trees?
Yeah, I am not sure that it was worth the hassle :). 

Happy Knitting everyone and stay warm  - it is cold out there!


Shawls in Fingering Weight

When someone asks me about my knitting, I usually say that I am a lace knitter (which is only partly true, as I am actually an equal opportunity knitter at heart. It's just so happened that lately I am big into knitting lace.)

In many cases the response I get goes something like that: "Oh, it is way too difficult, knitting on those teeny needles!"

I think there is a huge misconception out there that knitting lace means working only with a skinny yarn and teeny-tiny needles. Nah! If that fear of skinny yarns stops you from trying to knit a lace shawl - let me show you something. 

Here are 3 shawls that I knitted this October. 

All three of them are made with size US6 needles (4.5 mm). 
Yarn: Ella Rae Merino lace (100 g/ 460 yard - which is actually a fingering weight). Each shawl took only one skein.  
Patterns are free on Raverly.com.

 The shawls look awesome: lacey, elegant, pretty!

 Ashton Shawlette by Dee

 Budding Shawlette by Joyce Yu

I hope you are inspired to try the lace now. 
And leave me a comment if you have the same misconception about the lace - I am curious to know what you think!

Happy knitting!