Playing with cotton yarn; trying to beat heat wave

It is 89 F (32C) right now with 69% humidity. Just the idea of knitting with wool makes me hot, so I have been playing with cotton yarn instead.
I usually don't buy thick cotton yarn. However, about a month ago when I was cleaning my yarn closet, I found a sweater made out of "Cookies and Cream" yarn. The sweater was given to me "to do something with", so I took it apart and recycled yarn into

a) Set of coasters. I crocheted 4 smaller (glass size) coasters and one a little bigger (pitcher size). Love the result! The coasters are thick and flat. They are also cotton and very easily absorb any condensation off the cold glass.

b) Scrubbies. I use these circular things to wash dishes. Confession: I do not like sponges. No matter what I do they start to stink after 2 days and I can't get the stink out of them. Scrubbies are made out of cotton,  machine washable, I change them every couple days thus they don't have a chance to stink up. Additional plus - save money on sponges (!!) and recycle or use up leftover some yarn (!!!).

 Hope the heat wave will be over soon... Stay cool and Happy Knitting (even in this weather!).


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