2012: Knitting review

I trust that 2013 is off to a good start for you as it is for me. 
My classes will not start for another week (did I mention that when I am not knitting I am teaching college?)
So, I decided to do a little review: 2012 in pictures of shawls that I completed.
Well, turns out that I completed 34 shawls in 2012... 
WOW! I knit a lot ,don't I? 
So, instead of ALL 34 shawls - here are few that did not make it into other blog posts in 2012

OK, enough for now. There were also a few sweaters, hats, baby blankets and a few of those cute barefoot sandals ( they are crochet, so I guess they don't count, technically):

Happy Knitting and Crocheting in 2013 everyone! 

Stay tuned: in the next blog post there will be a free pattern for a short 1-skein scarf like this one:

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