Finished Objects: Dunes and Waves from my readers

I have to confess:  nothing makes me more happy than seeing my design knitted by you, my readers. 
Today I would like to share three different Dune and Waves Shawls masterfully created by Vicki, Jenny and Anita.
Let's start with a very special one: Vicki made it for Deb, to wear as a wedding wrap - wow! What a sweet thing to do! Look at the quality of Vicki's knitting - it makes the intricacy of twisted stitches really stand out:

Do you like another  Dunes and Waves in white?
Here is one from Jenny. Thank you for a nice pattern review, Jenny!

And how about Dunes and Waves in greenish hue from Anita? She called it a Safari Scarf (she blogs about African adventure here).

Thank you all for choosing my patterns for your knitting projects- I really appreciate it and absolutely love seeing your creations.

Do you have a picture of FO made with one of my patterns? Email me (my e-mail is on the pattern!) - 
I would love to include it in my next month's Finished Objects post!

Happy Knitting everyone!

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