Amy Pond and Doctor Who Or Why Did I Make a Red Scarf with Frost Flowers Pattern

Are you into "Doctor Who"? 
Doctor.... WHO? - this is exactly what I said when I was reading an e-mail sent through my Etsy store.
The e-mail was from a girl who was wondering  if I can make her a reproduction of a red scarf that was worn by Amy Pond in the episode "Vincent and the Doctor". She was looking for a piece to add to her costume for Doctor Who convention...
I am not into British TV series, but a reproduction of a knitted lace scarf sounded like a challenge! The girl sent me a couple links to pictures and after a bit of a research on an Internet and couple of e-mails we established  that the pattern on a scarf was "Frost Flowers"!
Oh! I love that pattern!
It looks so elaborate and complicated, but let me tell you - once you worked with it, you quickly realize that it is not difficult. It is real knitted lace, the YOs are on both sides, but really, it NOT a difficult pattern!!!

So, let me show you the result:

 And here is the picture that I was working from:

Here is a little bit of a detail on my version:

 Do you want to try Frost Flowers yourself? 
(The written instructions can be found there too)

Happy Knitting Everyone!


  1. This looks especially nice in the red colour. The stitch pattern itself has several variation, it is also known in Estonian lace tradition. It always appears beautiful, almost in any yarn.

  2. That looks amazing! I have one question: which size needles did you use? I can't find any in the recipe.

    1. US6 (4mm).
      The yarn is ~800 yard (~750 m) in 100 g

  3. Lovely design, and what a wonderful thing to do! :) I am a great fan of Doctor Who and I'll be delighted to make an Amy Pond scarf too. I saw some gorgeous red lace yarn the other week and I wondered when the right project would come along and justify my getting some ;-).

    Thank you very much for this :).


  4. Piękny wzór ,super czerwony szal,skopiowałam wzór,dziękuję,Dorota

  5. Wow - I just love love love that scarf! I can't wait to try it - and to try a whole new style of knitting. What thickness of yarn did you use?