Triangular shawl construction (take 2)

Couple weeks ago in my post I was thinking about types of triangular shawl constructions. I named three.
 Thanks to my readers, now I know about three more :
1. Short row shaping ( thank you Lina!): the knitting starts with the lacy border, and the triangular shape is developed by knitting short rows:

The excellent example of this is "Lazy Katy"  by Birgit Freyer (Knitting delight)

2. Sideways triangle ( thank you Anna!)
The shawl is knitted sideways: increasing on one side up to the middle point and then decreasing:

 Baktus scarf by strikkelise ( is one of the examples of this construction:

3. Sideways triangle started from the middle:knitting starts with a provisional cast-on.

Shawl knitted from the widest point of triangle decreasing on one side in one direction, then stitches are picked up from the provisional cast-on at the widest point of triangle and the other side of the shawl is knitted as a mirror image.

Unfortunately, I did not find an picture of an actual shawl or shawl pattern knitted that way.
Do you know of any?


  1. Natalia, thank you! I don't know about any particular shawl pattern but as I am using a lot provisional cast on for other things and like it, I might design it one day. I will let you know:)


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