Free Pattern. Little Ballerina Shrug

My daughter is 5 this year. She is a girly girl and loves dancing. So, these days I knit a lot at ballet recitals, looking at 5-year-olds enjoying themselves.
Very soon my baby complained that she was cold: the  required pink leotard does not have any sleeves, so low and behold: ta-da! I made her a little pink shrug to go with the outfit.

One of the other moms in the class asked me for the pattern. 
It is actually quite simple and quick knit - 
so I though some of you might have a use for it too.

Little Ballerina Shrug Pattern

Caron Simply Soft yarn, 1 skein
Needles, US size 8 (5 mm)

Size: 5-6 years

Notes: Shrug is worked in one rectangular piece.

Cast on 46 stitches.
Work 1x1 ribbing (k1, p1) each row for 1 inch (2.5 cm).
Switch to a polka dot stitch:
Row 1: knit all
Row 2, 4, 6, 8: Purl all
Row 3: (k3, yo, k2tog) 9 times, k1
Row 5: knit all
Row 7: k2, (k3, yo, k2tog) 8 times, k4

Work in this manner for 14.5 inches (37 cm)  - total 15.5 inches (40 cm) from the cast on row.

Switch back to 1x1 ribbing. Work the ribbing for 1 inch. Cast off all the stitches.
Wash the piece, dry flat. Fold lengthwise. Sew the ribbing together on each side of the shrug.

The shrug can be left as is or the neck/back sides can be finished with crochet border. 

Happy Knitting Everyone!

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  1. I love this pretty shrug. I have featured it on my blog:;postID=7972805072616573554


    1. Thank you Debby!
      here is the link to the post:

  2. Bolero güzel ve prensesde güzel olmuş..sevgiler.

  3. I'm doing my first knitted clothing pattern and trying your beautiful Little Ballerina Shrug and wanted to find out how you create the sleeves. Can't seem to find it anywhere in the pattern.


    1. Hi!
      when you sew ribbing together on each end of shrug it will create sleeves.

  4. Rukodelnitsa, I am a new knitted; well, knitting seriously for last two years. I'm comfortable enough to now begin knitting items to give as gifts. This is a perfect pattern to create for my precious little niece who began her "dancing career" this summer. Thinking ahead I thought cute girly-girl ballet shrugs and leg warmers of traditional variations would warm her during colder months. I have some questions needing clarity and are as follows:

    1. Are there matching leg warmer knitting patterns, or extremely similar patterns, I may knit to include this as a gift?

    2. I have heard of and seen a few polka dot knit stitches during my knitting learning. I have had no reason prior to attempt, until now. I mostly found
    during Google search polka dot knit stitches with solid centers. The polka dots seen in picture seem to be open centered and possibly a sort of lace
    pattern. How is it actually created and can you direct me to a very good video online demonstrating the polka dot stitch you used in this pattern? Would
    love it if you could show me yourself if you created your own tutorial; if you do not have your own then please direct me to on on the Internet you con-
    sider best matching your pattern. Does polka dot stitch used in pattern go by another name or is it a basic form?

    3. Are any changes to pattern exist if using circular knitting needles?

    4. I would like to make shrug as is in pattern. But, want to make pattern in a three- quarter sleeve length and another one with full-length sleeves. How
    can sleeve portion of pattern be lengthened to make this?

    5. How long would it take to do the shrug and leg warmers? My niece has a birthday mid-December and then Christmas itself- these would be intended
    for those occasions.

    Thanking you again and God bless you,


    I am sorry this is long and appreciate your reply and patience-yours and others. I look forward to your reply.

    1. 1. I don't know of a particular leg-warmer pattern, but I am sure google will help
      2. The pattern I refer to as "polka dot" is a simple stitch when yarn-overs and k2tog are separated by 3 knit stitches. Try it - it is very simple
      3. No changes for circulars
      4. You would increase the "polka-dot" portion of the pattern from 14.5 inches to the size you want.
      5. as for how long would it take... well, it is hard for me to judge. It took me about 2 hours to knit (not counting washing/drying/ weaving in the ends time), but I have 30-year knitting experience and I am a very fast knitter...

  5. I love this pattern, as I want to knit it for my 7-year-old granddaughter to wear with a special sleeveless dress for a father/daughter dance next month. Would instruction #4 about increasing the polka-dot portion also work for increasing the pattern to fit a size 7-8. I've looked all over the internet for a lacy pretty shrug, and yours is by far the prettiest!! THANK YOU!!!

    1. Yes - it will work for 7-8 year old if you increase the polka-dot section to 16-17 inches. So instead of
      "Work in this manner for 14.5 inches (37 cm) - total 15.5 inches (40 cm) from the cast on row."
      the instruction should read:
      "Work in this manner for 17 inches - total 18 inches from the cast on row.
      Good luck with the project!

  6. Hi! I think this pattern is really pretty. I just started knitting about 9 months ago and I really want to make this for my daughter who is taking ballet classes. I'm kind of confuse with the ribbing part. Am I knitting the ribbing separately and then CO another 46 stitches for the polka dot pattern or do I continue knitting the polka dot pattern after I do the ribbing? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much!


    1. Hi Angeline!
      Continue knitting polka dot pattern after the ribbing. Then, when you done with polka dot - continue with ribbing
      It is all one piece.

  7. I absolutely love this shrug. It knits up fast and looks complicated. Thant you for sharing it. I lengthened the leaves by ribbing longer

  8. HI Elvira! can you send me a picture of your shrug? I'd love to see it!
    You can do it through ETSY, Raverly or directly to

  9. Thank you for sharing this wonderful pattern. It's super easy and looks much more complicated/decorative. I expanded the cast-on stitches by 10 and will increase the length by about 25% to fit my 8 year old. I started the ribbing (sleeves) with circular needles so I don't have to sew them. I'll see how much time I have left to decide on what trim or edges to do. This is to modestly cover her shoulders for her first Eucharist outfit. After much fruitless searches for a white sweater (really?!?! no one has cute white sweaters anymore), I'm thankful for my mom teaching me to knit and finding this pattern.

  10. Hi i like this pattern but am confused. With the polka dot pattern you will be losing stitches each time you knit 2 together. Surely you need to increase in stitches at some point on the row to keep the knitting the same width throughout. I would love to make this for my little girl who does ballet. she would love it but I dont want to find the pattern too confusing for my beginners brain!!

    1. Yo makes up for loss of a stitch in k2tog :)

      Row 3: (k3, yo, k2tog) 9 times, k1
      Row 7: k2, (k3, yo, k2tog) 8 times, k4

  11. Thank you very much for getting back to me. I will start this on Monday when I buy the wool! :-))

  12. I made this quick easy to knit shrug for my 4 year old granddaughter to go with a sleeveless party dress I had bought as a gift....I used eyelash wool (which gave it a luxury fluffy fur look...I left out the polka dots as they couldn't be seen... she loved it !!!......her mummy couldn't believe I had made it and her 8 year old sister asked if I could make her one to go with her party dress too...what better compliment...thankyou !!

  13. Awesome! Going to adjust this for bulky yarn and make it out of cuddle fleece. Thanks for the idea!

  14. hi and thanks so much for the lovely pattern. I have made two already for my friends girls aged 5yrs and 3yrs. It is such a simple pattern but very effective. thanks for sharing it. xx

  15. Does the neckline have scallops?
    I'm making this for my granddaughter who's in ballet classes.
    Thank you for lovely pattern.

  16. Just read thru pattern
    Answered my question about neck edging
    Sorry I should of read further.
    Working on pattern now. .thank you again


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