Almost late: March Estonian Shawl

It is amaizing how the life gets in way of your best intentions.
I am still committed to my 12-Estonian shawl project, but this month entry is a bit later than promised and does not have schemes - only pictures. It is barely off the blocking pins!

The pattern is called  Head of Grain (Pattern I)  - you can see pattern here

So - here is the shawl
 and another view
and a close-up
How I did it:  

I knitted this shawl with Elann Baby Lace Merino (Baby alpaca 50%, Fine merino 50 %), 50g = 600 yards (550 m). 
It took one skein. The shawl is knitted as a rectangle with Head of Grain pattern. Then the stitches were picked up along all 4 sides at once, and a scalloped edge was added. 
Finished size: 24 x 52 inches

Pattern for scalloped edge  
(number of sts - multiples of 13):
Row 1(RS): *k2tog, k2 tog, k2tog, (k1, yo) x6 times, k1, ssk, ssk, ssk, repeat from * to end.
Row 2(WS): Purl all
repeat rows 1 and 2 until desired length is reached.

Off to the working on the next month's shawl!

Happy Knitting!