Estonian Lace - New Year Resolution

Ok, it is officially a New Year - and here is my New Year Lace Resolution:

in 2014 I will challenge myself to knit 12 lace shawls (one a month) using 12 different Estonian Lace Patterns. To keep myself accountable I will make a post about this project on the last Friday of every month with a picture of the finished shawl, scheme of the pattern and a brief description of yarn type, yarn amount, number of stitches, etc. 

Here, I said it!

I have already chosen 12 patterns that I will be using (probably in a somewhat random order):

In case you are wondering where I took this patterns from: a couple years back I bought a wonderful book, so I am using it for inspiration.

If you want to check it this book out - it is available through Amazon.com here:

OK, now my resolution is in writing (or printing?), so I can not back off. Check back on January 31, 2014 - I should have one shawl ready!

Happy Knitting everyone!

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