Frost Flowers Lace Pattern

Frost Flowers Lace pattern is in my opinion one of the most elegant and versatile patterns I came across. This how it looks like in Shadow Lace weight KnitPicks Yarn:

 I believe it was originally published in Barbara Walker's "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns" (please correct me if I am wrong) and inspired many designers. 
I used "Flowers and Snowflakes Shawl: Blue Danube" by Debbie O'Neill published in
Vogue Knitting on the Go: Shawls Two. Here it is in my interpretation:
As for versatility of the pattern:

Here it is used in summer top by lankakomero ( you can also find the pattern itself here):

Here it is used in square shawl by Eugen Beugler for A Gathering Of Lace, as knitted by Eunny 
Here it is used to adorn the jacket by Lene Holme Samsoe in  " Feminine Knits "
Hope you enjoyed the pattern as much as I do -
Happy Knitting everyone!

PS: Do you know any other items that are knitted with "FROST FLOWERS"?


  1. I like your overview of this pattern very much, and would like to contribute another information about it. I encountered it first time in an old Burda Stricklehrbuch (printed in 1983), where it was called "bear paw print pattern". There was also written that it is a very old pattern and sometimes it is also called just "Russian pattern". You can also find it in Estonian book "Pitsilised koekirjad", but without name.

  2. Monika - Thank you! Bear Paw Print Pattern. who would have thought! Any chance you have a picture of that page?

  3. You can find the copy of the page here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/siilistecrafts/5407212415/

  4. http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEss10/PATTtribute.php
    Pozdrawiam Krystyna

  5. It is such a pretty pattern, isn't it? I am working on a pattern by Carrie Bostick Hodge that uses it as well (she has quite a few). You can see it here and link to the page - http://fromthepurlside.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/immie-in-the-pink

    There is a really pretty cowl as well!

  6. I actually first saw this pattern in Knitting Dictionary by Mon Tricot as "Spanish Lace Stich" on page 84. It used to belong to my grandmother, and although I can't find the manufacturing date, I believe it's twenty years old.

  7. I think I saw this in a short-sleeved pullover worn on the PBS series, "Call The Midwife". It was very beautiful in yellow on the main character, Jenny. I have had trouble with the instructions in the Treasury of Knitting Patterns. At the end of the first row, I find I'm short one stitch. Can anyone tell me where I go wrong?

    1. Hi! check out this post -
      it has a full scheme of frosted flowers, might help you to figure out your issue with written pattern in :"Treasury"

  8. I accidentally came across these pictures looking for other knitting stitches. A while ago I saw two lace jumpers in an old knitting magazine from the late fifties (from 3 Suisses) that were knitted with this particular stich. I loved it so much that I decided I was going to make a summer top with this nameless stich. I already ordered yarn for it. I wanted to convert the written stich pattern instructions into a knitting chart. Thanks to you I don`t have to do that anymore. After reading the comments on your post I took a look in my old Mon Tricot 1300 stitches book. I found it on page 98 and it is called the Cordoba stitch. Thank you very much for this post!