Little Buzzy Bee Hat. Free Pattern

As promised earlier for those of you who have been working on Buzzy Bee Baby Blanket and have some yarn leftovers.
This hat is made for a 6-months old baby, but I don't have one currently available for modeling - so my model is of a slightly different nature!
So, presenting: 
Little Buzzy Bee Hat. 

6 months, head circumstance 15.5 inch (40 cm)
  Yarn: Knitpick's Swish worsted, Yellow - less then 1 skein (less than 50 g), Black - leftovers
( you can use any worsted weight yarn)
Needles: US 4 (3.5 mm), straight or circular
Gauge: 6 st x 1 inch (2.5 cm) in garter stitch

Cast on 96 st.

Rows1-4 (yellow yarn): knit
Rows 5-6 (black yarn): knit
Rows7-10 (yellow yarn): knit
Rows 11-12 (black yarn): knit
Rows13-16 (yellow yarn): knit

Continue  working the hat with yellow yarn in stockinette stitch  (RS: knit all, WS: purl all) until the piece measures 4 inch (10 cm) from the cast-on row. Switch to black yarn for shaping of the top:

Row 1: *ssk, k22, repeat from * 4 times
Row 2 and all WS rows except 14: purl all
Row 3: *ssk, k21, repeat from * 4 times
Row 5: *ssk, k20, repeat from * 4 times
Row 7: *ssk, k5, repeat from * 12 times
Row 9: *ssk, k4, repeat from * 12 times 
Row 11: *ssk, k3, repeat from * 12 times
Row 13: *ssk, repeat from * 24 times
NOTE WS: Row 14: *p3tog, repeat from * 8 times
Row 15: *ssk, repeat from * 4 times - at this point you should have 4 st on your needle.
Work the last 4 st in I-cord fashion for 4 more rows. Pull thread through the stitches, cut the yarn.

Saw the sides of the hat, weave in the ends, wash according to yarn specifications. 

Have fun! It is such a nice feeling - to make things for a new human being that is coming into this world!

Happy Knitting!

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  1. Hey! Cute hat. I was wondering if you had any insight or advice on how to make this for an older child, with a head circumference of more like 20 inches? Thanks!