Buzzy Bee Blanket Featured!

Hello everyone!
I can not contain the news any longer! As you might have already guessed (hee-hee) one of my patterns, Buzzy Bee Blanket has been chosen for KnitPicks Kits and is featured in this month KnitPicks catalog!

I got the whole page!!! Look at that:
I have to tell you: that is a pretty awesome feeling to see your designs professionally photographed like this!

By the way: if you happen to buy the kit or just a pattern and have some yarn left over - stay tuned. I am almost finished writing a pattern for this hat, that will take care of those leftovers.

Little Buzzy Bee Hat

Happy Knitting Everyone!


  1. I purchased the kit thru KP. I'm not a blogger nor a novice knitter but am having difficulty with the way the instructions are written. So, is every other row (even) simply knit-all-the-way-across or is it knit the same pattern from the previous odd row, i.e. Row 28: k7,*c4f,k24*(repeat from * to * d times), c4f, k7?

    Thanks for the help.

    1. Hi!
      All even rows knitted according to pattern: if the stitch is p on RW, it is k on WS; if k on RS, it is p on WS; c4f,
      k2tog, ssk and yo are purled.

      So in row 28 it will be:
      k7, *p4, k24* (repeat), p4, k7

      Hope that clarifies it!

  2. Hi, I also bought this pattern on Knitpicks for a baby shower next Saturday. Eeeek! I'm a semi-novice knitter who always seems to pick something slightly above her skill level, but that's how you learn right?

    OK, when I get to row 9 (Chart 2), I'm following the steps for the first 5 boxes (p, yo, ssk, yo, ssk), but then I'm out of room to do the last two purls before the bee's body. Please help.

    1. Hi Kelly -
      Let's try to diagnose the problem.
      on row 7: did you have 7 purl stitches before 4 knit stitches(bee's body)?
      You can also use my private e-mail (on the pattern) to communicate with me :)