Big OOPS, or what NOT to do with pretty lace shawls

Well, I am not even sure where to start here.
Ok, I learned a valuable lesson recently.
 It goes like this: you need to give people care instructions when you give them a hand made thing. 
Hmmm, here is the rest of the story:
You might remember a few posts ago I raved about the "Shower Stitch" from Barbara Walker's "A treasury of Knitting Patterns". I was so fixed on this pattern - I knitted a nice airy shawl out pretty lavender variegated lace yarn from KnitPicks.

Well, the picture on the left  is how the shawl looked in January, the picture on the right  - is how it looks now.
What happened?
The new owner of the shawl decided that she wanted to wash it. 
 IN AN WASHING MACHINE.... pure merino wool... lace...

Here is a closer look at the result:

It is nicely felted, I have to say.... Reminded me of Russian felted boots, called valenki. (hee-hee).

MORAL: if you make things - let people know what NOT TO DO with them. Big oops.
Would you share your big oops with me to make me feel better? Please?

Happy Knitting everyone!


  1. A year ago I knitted cute vest for my 1 year old son: http://kruliczyca.blogspot.com/2011/03/pierwsza.html
    I was super happy with result. First time ever I used i-cords for casting on and for rest of all edges, first time succesfully used kitchener stitch. Colors matched perfectly. Dear son looked so cool in it. Dear husbant washed it in washing mashine few days after I completed this vest.
    All I wnated to do when I saw the result was to cry, cry, cry...
    I promissed to myself to reamke this vest but as far I didn't (though I tried to cast it on again few times).
    'Sh*t happens', like says Forrest Gump in the movie...

  2. to: Kruliczyca
    Boy, do I know how you felt!