Shower stitch

One of my presents for this Holiday Season was a full set of Barbara Walker's "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns".
I spent hours flipping through the pages and pages of pictures.
In the first book (the blue one, with a "Frosted Flower" pattern on the cover) I have found an interesting lace stitch that I have not seen anywhere else.

It is on page 236, Barbara called it a "Shower Stitch", and suggested that it has a French origin. I could not resist to use it for one of my shawls right away!

Here how it looks in my interpretation:

It it a true lace: yarn over happen on both sides of the knitted piece. If you want to try it yourself, here is the chart:

Chart: Shower Stitch

Here are the written instructions, if you prefer:
Shower Stitch: written instructions

Happy Knitting Everyone!
And Happy New Year!


  1. WoW this is lovely!! Do you remember how many you cast on??

    SassySean on Ravelry

  2. to: SassySean
    I think I had 7 pattern repeats, so it will make it 84 st. In addition I usually knit 2-3 st on each side as "frame" for lace.

  3. Thank you for the pattern, I will definitely find my time to try it!