Free Guide to Knitting Needles

I saw this blog post from Kathleen Cubey at Knitting Daily, I though you find it useful as well.
There are so many tools that we knitters need, but there are two that we really need: Yarn and needles. We all know how many yarn choices are out there, but what about knitting needles?

The choices are amazing. Did you know that there are certain types of needles that work better for certain types of yarn? And there are also needles that work better for different types of knitting. Pointy needles for lace knitting, for example.
But we don't want you to have to buy a pair of every needle type out there to figure out which you like best, so we did it for you! We tested dozens of needles and we've developed our Free Guide to Knitting Needles to give you the inside scoop on which needles we liked for which type of projects.

We've also provided a handy sizing conversion guide. If you have a needle that's labelled with millimeters only, you can use the chart to see what the millimeter measurement is in US needle measurements, or UK/Canadian measurements, or Japanese measurements.

Download your Free Guide to Knitting Needles now and let us help you create a seamless transition between your hands and your project?
And sneak-peek: I am working on couple scarves (the cold weather is coming...)
  Stay tuned - the patterns for these scarves are coming!
Happy Knitting Everyone!


  1. These are just gorgeous! I cannot wait for the patterns. You are such and inspiration..I am a beginner lace knitter...I can knit the heck out of feather and fan..But everything else stumps me..