Pattern: Long Skinny Scarf or What to Do with Your Novelty Yarn

I don't know how about you, but I sometimes (ha!) buy yarn not because I have a project in mind, but because it looks pretty in a store. 
Sounds familiar? 
Especially those novelty yarns: the fuzzies, the sparklies, the ladders and the ruffles. 
I'd think: Oh, I will find something to make with it - it is so pretty!.
Then I would come home and try this and that, and nothing really looks good in this yarn, so it gets stashed at the back of my yarn closet (did I mentioned that I graduated to a YARN CLOSET?)

The other day I was going through that closet, found these yarns and it struck me - 
LONG SKINNY INFINITY SCARF (a.k.a. - long loop)!!!.

So here are my before and after pictures:

Novelty yarns (Fun Fur and Ladder yarn - I don't even remember the manufacturers)
Two Scarves:
and in combination:
and a close up:
It turned out to be a Fun-Fun-Fun accessory to play with and find more and more ways to wear it. 
So, if you happen to have a ball of a pretty novelty yarn and like my idea - here is the pattern:

Free Pattern: Long Skinny Infinity Scarf
Take your favorite needles: size does not really matter.
Cast on 3 st.
In every row: slip1, knit 1, purl 1
Work until you run out of yarn - the last row: k3tog, pull the yarn through.
Make a knot using yarn tails from cast on and cast off to make a long loop. 
Weave in the ends.
Enjoy Playing with your new accessory!

Let me know if you have made your novelty scarf - I would love to see the pictures!
Happy Knitting everyone!

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  1. Oh thank you for this!

    I also have a yarn closet.. a slightly overflowing one at that and i have lots of that pretty ladder yarn now i have something to make with it :)