Four month of absence, well, not from knitting!

 As I am sitting here to write this post I realize that it has been more than 4 months from my last one.
What happened? Well, let me try to summarize it:
1. New responsibilities at work: my University is starting a new program and I am named as a director. So, I spent a lot of time this spring trying to make things happen ASAP.
2. A promotion at work (aside from the directorship). That also required a lot of preparation and thinking.
3. Couple conferences to attend and present.
4. A four-week trip out of the country.
5. A kid who finished daycare in May and does not start a preschool until September.

All these kept me away from blogging, but not from knitting!
So, here is a Part I of the "What have I been doing" report:

A few custom-made projects:

From: "Knitted Lace of Estonia" by Nancy Bush. Slightly modified "Lilac Leaf Shawl". Yarn: Gloss Lace by Knitpicks

From: "Knitted Lace of Estonia" by Nancy Bush. "Triinu Scarf". Yarn: Bare Lace by Knitpicks
From: "Knitted Lace of Estonia" by Nancy Bush. NO-NUPP version of  "Mikell Shawl". Yarn: Shadow Tonal Lace by Knitpicks

A few Lace things for my Etsy Store:

StellaLuna in white by me. Yarn: Bare Lace by KnitPicks

Dunes and Waves in White, again by me. Yarn: merino/viscose by Colourmart

From: "The Haapsalu Shawl" by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi. The motif name is "CUBE Pattern" (page 154). Yarn: Super-Thin Sim (Mohair) by Oki.

Oooof, good for now! The "What have I been doing" report is to be continued...
Happy Knitting Everyone!


  1. Congratulations on your promotions and on so many beautiful shawl!
    How do you like Bare Lace by KnitPicks?

  2. I have been thinking about your blog recently. What a pleasant surprise that you are back!