Free Lace Knitting Patterns from KnitPicks

The life is crazy, absolutely no time for knitting, so I thought I will show you some more free lace patterns (Free Patterns!) from Knitpicks.com . KnitPicks is a yarn company that has a variety of yarns that I like to work with. Mainly merinos, but some cottons and silks too. On their website they have patterns developed for their yarns (see some of my work there: Diagonal Stripe Hat,   Fun Twirls Hat and (soon!!) Buzzy Bee Baby Blanket ).
Some of the patterns are FREE, so enjoy the lacy ones!

Till I have a little more time:
Happy Knitting everyone!


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! I love the purple shawl, thought it is going to be a while before I am experienced enough to make it. I'm just starting out, so I am still looking for easy lace knitting patterns. Are there any that you would suggest?

  2. Hi Ginny!
    look at this one
    by a great knitting blogger Madam Butterfly