Liliana Shawl - pattern release

Couple posts ago I hinted at my new design - triangular shawl based on Estonian lace type stitches.
Here it is.

The shawl is named Liliana for a friend of mine with whom I reconnected recently after several years of silence. The term LOVELY describes both of them: my friend and this shawl. Here it is in white:

Liliana is just a very lovely shawl which is knitted from the top down increasing at the center and at the end of the rows. The pattern is a run of waves. They start small and simple becoming a little more elaborate towards the bottom of the shawl only to finish in nice arches of “white caps”.

The white version was knitted from a 1-ply cob-web merino-cashmere blend (needles: US1, 2.25 mm), the blue one was made out of KnitPicks 2-ply lace weight Shadow yarn (needles: US 7, 4.5 mm).

The white one is smaller and delicate, the blue is bigger and makes quite a statement:

I like them both!

I am offering the pattern for this shawl for sale as a PDF download. 
 Your cost: $3.50 via PayPal

The pattern is both charted and written in words. 
To knit this shawl you will need about 600 yards (~550 m) of yarn. 

By the way: if you don't have experience with PayPal - you should not be afraid. It is 100% safe and you don't need to have an account with them. You can use your Credit or Debit card. 
After payment is made you will be re-directed to a web-page for PDF download.

Thank you for your interest and as always:
Happy Knitting!


  1. Hi there,

    My name is Kanittha from Bangkok Thailand. I have bought your liliana shawl pattern last December and i have almost finished the shawl only naw am struggling on the finishing part. i found i am left with less or more sts following the pattern. Please help me. This is the first lace pattern i ever made.

  2. Hi Kanittha,
    Are you talking about chart 5? the last two rows?
    As you knit them you might be surprised that you will have yo (holes) in places where you did not expect them to be.
    Please just follow the scheme. The only one critical moment is that the middle stitch is in place. You will see that it will work out at the end.

  3. Hi , Ok I see, i will try to finish it by this weekend, just back from the trip from China. Will let you know if i strug somewhere.

  4. I'm a die hard crocheter, but I might have to learn to knit just so I can make these shawls. They are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Hello Tasha,
    This is also my first lace! I can't figure out what to do with the starter 9 stitches?! Please help!