On Nupps and Yarn Color

Nupps are tricky. No, not in knitting  - once you've done 5-6 of them, they are fine. By the way if you are looking for a good NUPP tutorial look here.
Nupps are turned out to be tricky if you change a yarn color on them. :)
Ok, the story:
From the moment I bought a "Knitted Lace of Estonia" by Nancy Bush I fell in love with her Maikell Shawl. Here it is as knitted by me from KnitPicks Bare yarn  in lace weight.

The combination of Nupps and twisted stitches create a very fine balance between weightlessness and a substance in that lace pattern. Here is a close up

So, I've done couple of white ones and was looking for some change, when I came across this yarn (again  - from KnitPicks. For full disclosure - I am not getting paid from KnitPicks, I just really like their yarns and customer service!!!).
This particular yarn is called SHADOW TONAL LACE YARN in Queen Anne color scheme:
I immediately thought of the Mikell Shawl made out of this. WOW... I imagine that because of the color changes every nupp will be different color and it will add to the appeal of the shawl.
And here it is. The Mikell Shawl in Queen Anne color: absolutely stunning!
 But the nupps did not do what I thought they will. They are there, you see them, but they did not really enhanced the look of the lace the way I  thought they will. Close up:

Oh well, I guess I will need to knit more nupps to figure them out completely :) 
And the shawl is still gorgeous!

Happy Knitting everyone!

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  1. Both are beautiful shawls! I have ambiguous feelings about nupps: sure they give something to the lace but, on the other hand, the pattern may look too busy. Probably, your doubts are due to the changing colour of the second shawl which does not allow nupps to stand out.