The first attempt at Shetland Lace

For while now I have being eying the absolute masterpiece  by Shirley Paden "The spiderweb-and-diamond" published in Vogue Shawls and Wraps

I am in absolute awe of this design, but did not have enough courage to take on the whole project for while. 
But it so happened that I needed a gift: and after some modifications and additions here is my version of "spiderweb-and-diamonds".

and a little more details:
As you can see, the main pattern is the same, but my version is adapted to a skinnier scarf size. the "spiderweb-and-diamonds" was a very involved pattern to knit. Not difficult but required constant attention. The YO happen on both sides of knitting so it was very critical to keep the row count (even more important than to keep the stitch count).
The ends of the scarf are knitted using a traditional Orenburg Lace pattern "honeycomb":

As I am usually lazy and do not like to sew, there is no grafting in this scarf. It starts with a provisional cast on, knitted all way through the honeycomb edge. Then the stitches were picked up and the other end was finished with a honeycomb border.
Here it is in full:

Next blog post: what is on my needles now. Here is a sneak peek.
How do you like that color combination, huh?

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