Hearts upon Hearts? Dozens of hearts? Other ideas?

My newest shawl is a purple cashmere/wool laceweight joy:

I am still into triangular shawl constructions. The design of this one started with a very simple motive which is  common in Orenburg lace knitting: hearts and hearts in a chain.

For while there I was consumed by the idea of creating a shawl that would have no other motifs, just hearts: and here it is!
Look closer: the hearts are on the edging, the hearts are arranged in a checkered fashion and made into circles... if you can not find them all - look at this picture!

Hearts, heart and more hearts... Imagine making this shawl as a present for your mom or your dear friend: from your heart with hearts all over!

But as I am working on a pattern I find myself struggling with the name ideas: "hearts upon hearts", "dozens of hearts", "from my heart"?
Please help me to decide! Or... any other ideas?