Can I make StellaLuna Bigger or Smaller?

StellaLuna is a shawl that is knitted from the bottom to the top. The challenge with that type of the design is a definite size: you have to decide from the cast-on row how big your shawl will be. 
 The pattern here starts with 9 full repeats on each side of the shawl in addition to corners.  The shawl is knitted in tiers: bottom one (9 full repeats on each side), followed by 3 middle tiers and a top. Each middle tier has 2 less full repeats than the previous one (7, 5, 3 full repeats)
You can make this pattern in smaller or larger size if you remove (or add) middle tiers.
Let’s say you want to make it smaller. The knitting will be done in following  manner: bottom tier – 7 full repeats, middle tier 1 – 5 full repeats, middle tier 2 – 3 full repeats, top of the shawl (please note that all discussed here refers to ½ of the shawl). The number of cast-on stitches has to be adjusted accordingly.
If you want to make it bigger – you will add a tier, so the bottom tier will have 11 repeats, middle tier 1 – 9 repeats, middle tier 2 – 7 repeats, middle tier 3 – 5 repeats, middle tier 4 – 3 repeats, top of the shawl.
See this scheme – it might make things a little clear… and of course – you are always welcome to ask questions!


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