A year of Babies (and baby blankets)

It seem like people around me are having babies this year: I have been to 2 baby showers already and anticipating  to be invited to 2 or 3 more before the year end.
And I am loving it! Would you like to know why?
It gives me an excuse to make those teeny-tiny baby items that are OH SO CUTE!
It also gives me a chance to design a present that would reflect baby mother's personality and likes.
So, let me share with you:

Darlene's Baby Blanket.
Darlene is passionate dancer and aerobics instructor and she is about to have a baby girl.
Her baby present had a blanket with an elegant and reversible moss-stitch diamond pattern and baby ballet slippers:

If you are interested in blanket pattern - stay tuned, I will be releasing it next week as a "Forever Diamonds Baby Blanket Pattern", the pattern for slippers is free here, courtesy of Saartje.

Amy's Baby Blanket.
Amy is a very intellectual and sophisticated Long Islander who was re-planted in VT. She appreciates finer things.  
The blanket for her baby boy  was done in a mint-green color and has a very intricate pattern all over. I made a matching hat to go with the present.

The next one is Gina and her second baby - oh! I am already planning for that one!

Happy Knitting everyone!

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